Welcome to our company

SMM Infotech is a company providing BPO Solutions both Voice & Non-Voice in high quality and low error rate. SMM Infotech began rendering services in BPO Industry concentrating on subcontracts/franchisees catering to bigger organizations in the industry. SMM Infotech will also provide services to any other clients as and when the demand arises.

We have worked in almost every department in reputed organizations in the Industry.Our technical background and work experience has provided the necessary skills to manage the operations at SMM Infotech. The past experiences have given the knowledge to deal with the day-to-day challenges of running the organization.

SMM Infotech helps clients through every stage of the customer lifecycle. We offer custom client processes through every phase of our engagements, including: solution design,project planning, customer segmentation strategies, implementation, operational delivery,reporting, and analytics. We provide world-renowned BPO services across all phases of the customer lifecycle.

Objectives for the organization

  • Provide the clients with the required level of Accuracy and with the STIPULATED TURN AROUND TIME.

  • Comprehensive continuous learning program in all areas of Voice & Non-voice BPO Solutions and prepare Executive / Team Leaders / QA to become THE BEST in quality.

  • To become a BPO & KPO service-based organization whose primary goal is to exceed customers expectations.